Gloomié is one of the most prominent authors of the new wave of electronic music in Macedonia. He is active as a producer, composer, performer, vocalist, and instrumentalist in many projects. Influenced by many different genres, ranging from hip hop, ambient, midwest emo, screamo, etc his music represents an amalgamation of all of the musical phases that his gone through.

His experimentations with different recording techniques, using obsolete devices, circuit bending, using non-musical devices as sound source, tape loops, modding cassette recorders, etc greatly impact his sound. 

Gloomié’s live performances are quite experimental and unpredictable. In his live performances, he uses quite a big, ever-changing rig, containing everything from keyboards, guitars, basses, percussion, midi controllers, 4 track cassette recorders, modified walkman’s, circuit-bent children’s toys, etc. Often he creates on the spot and uses different rigs and a different set of sounds for almost every performance.

Gloomié - 11:11 months EP, Cassette Tape Front Cover, MATRACOOKIE RECORDS
Gloomié - 11:11 months EP, Cassette Tape, MATRACOOKIE RECORDS

Gloomié has three EP releases and one double LP release. First EP “EastMalle by Gloomié” released in 2016 was a Trap release containing 4 tracks, influenced by acts like Yellow Claw, XXYYZZ, Flostradamus, etc. Second Release “Pitch Black” was released in 2018, containing 4 tracks, and in this EP you can clearly see the transition in inspiration and music styles as he becomes heavily influenced by Cashmere Cat while he was working on this EP. 

The third EP release “11:11 months” was released in 2020 for Matracookie Records as a cassette tape release. This EP clearly marks Gloomié’s musical transition. The cassette release contains the EP on the A-side that is available on SpotifyiTunesAmazonDeezer, and other streaming platforms and digital music stores., and a cassette-only B-side, unified inspiration-wise, total opposites musically. At that time he started to use things (bending, mod-ing) from his childhood that have a nostalgic value for him, as sound sources. For example Casio keyboards, which he collects, represent his first keyboard (Casio SA21), a gift from his grandfather. The first Walkman that his father bought for him is modded and used in his live rig. Old musical toys, tapes, old and out of tune pianos, everything that is a representative of the simpler times, his childhood.

Gloomié - 11:11 months EP, Digital Cover for Cassette Tape, MATRACOOKIE RECORDS


GLOOMIÉ – 11:11 months (2020) – cassette tape