Moussaka surf rock band From Serbia

Moussaka is spicy blend of surf music and Balkan pop-folk hymns of the 20th century.

Moussaka cassette tape Yaran Bil Bil
Moussaka surf rock band From Serbia, Matracookie Artist

Moussaka‘s broken but powerful rhythms and melodies full of nostalgia and the heaviest emotions reflect the unbelievable union of Californian surf rock and pop-folk legacy of the Yugoslav era. Just like the dish of the same name, Moussaka is a unique blend of classic ingredients and flavorful spices, ranging from the 50s guitar sounds to Balkan turbo-folk aesthetic of the 80s. The band’s five EP albums are the proof that Dick Dale and Dragana Mirković can go hand in hand. Moussaka was originally a side project that started out just for fun, but it has grown into a full-blooded rock machine which is slowly heating up, carried by its own tidal wave.

Moussaka are:
Petar Živić – guitar
Igor Mitić – guitar
Davor Sopić – bass
Mladen Radovanović – drums