Band members: tapes ‘n stuff: Bojan Filipovski / drums ‘n stuff: Viktor Filipovski / recorded at KNOBS KEYS ‘N STUFF /

PYONGYANGS is a band from Skopje, Macedonia – two brothers working together all of their lives. In the past, they’ve played in hardcore/punk band, and as the years passed by, they separated in styles but didn’t stop working together. This time as a power duo, bringing their different backgrounds in one cohesive expression and sound.

The guilty pleasure for this duo is going on flea markets and finding old tapes, cassettes, music equipment, etc. All of the samples used, song titles, and even the biggest inspiration for this album are all of the moments spent on the local flea market in Skopje.

Being owners of a recording studio, after every market day they’ve recorded something for “fun” and the songs came up more and more serious. So, this power/brother duo PYONGYANGS dedicates their album “Nè puknaa više!!!” to the flea markets all over the world!

PYONGYANGS - Ne puknaa vise!!!, Cassette Tape Front Cover, MATRACOOKIE RECORDS
PYONGYANGS - Ne puknaa vise!!! Cassette Tape, MATRACOOKIE RECORDS

„Nè puknaa više!!!“ started as an experiment, trying out new and fun techniques with old voice recorders, musical instruments, sampling tapes, and microcassettes. Those experiments began to take shape and take on a serious form. The first result was the main song for the theater play „Uništuvanje na narodot ili mojata jetra e besmislena“ by Damjan Kostovski, and in the end, it resulted in a full edition.

Digital release for MATRACOOKIE RECORDS is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Bandcamp, Deezer, etc and contains the A-side of „Nè puknaa više!!!“, while the B-side contains the second part, a material that will not be available in digital form (cassette-only).

A-SIDE: 01. Toj mi e na mene mnogu golem prijatel / 02. Ne be, ti doktor si / 03. Ti prv ke go oblečeš / 04. Pusti vlečku / 05. Gospodine, Gospodine!!!


PYONGYANGS - Ne puknaa vise!!! Digital Cover for Cassette Tape, MATRACOOKIE RECORDS


PYONGYANGS – Nè puknaa više!!! (2020) – cassette tape