Moussaka – Bil Bil (2021) – cassette tape


Just like the dish of the same name, Moussaka is a unique blend of classic ingredients and flavorful spices, ranging from the 50s guitar sounds to Balkan turbo-folk aesthetic of the 80s. The band’s five EP albums are the proof that Dick Dale and Dragana Mirković can go hand in hand. Moussaka was originally a side project that started out just for fun, but it has grown into a full-blooded rock machine which is slowly heating up, carried by its own tidal wave.

  1. Kad zima dođe
    Music by Hasan Dudić
    Original version performed by Zlata Petrović
    (Dođi da mi ruke greješ)
  2. Bil Bil
    Traditional arrangement by Moussaka
    Prominent version performed by Zorica Brunclik
    (Aj mene majka jednu ima)
  3. Pričaj druže
    Music by Gordana Šaulić
    Original version performed by Šaban Šaulić
    (Viđaš li mi staru ljubav)
  4. Samo pesma zna
    Music by Zoran Simjanović
    Prominent version performed by Šaban Bajramović

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Limited Edition Cassette Tape – Normal Bias Type I 16-min cassette in an edition of 30.

Released: 23/08/2021

Catalog Number: MC007

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Dimensions 11.2 × 7.1 × 2 cm

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